“Where there is free-flow, there is no pain”
- From the Yellow Emperor’s Classic, c. 400 BCE

Cultivate health and treat illness naturally!
Joel Robbins, Dipl. OM draws on a 25 year background in herbs, Taichi, nutrition and other self-care practices to help you grow healing energy in your life.  He offers comprehensive Chinese medical services, including acupuncture, tuina massage and herbal medicine as well as holistic health education, Taichi and Qigong. He also maintains an herbal apothecary which features high quality bulk/raw herbs and handcrafted herbal products.

Joel offers a personalized approach to Chinese medicine.  He does not divide his energy between multiple clients and instead gives each one his fullest attention and time. To best understand his client’s unique situation he performs a thorough diagnosis and carefully selects a set of healing modalities during each session.  He also includes explanations of healing strategies and personalized instruction in nutrition, movement (Qigong) and other self-care techniques.

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Joel Robbins, Dipl. OM